Justin Meyer, Chief of Police

Police Contact Information

Important telephone numbers and email addresses
Emergency (Grundy, Kendall, and Will Counties) 911
Cellular Emergency (Grundy, Kendall, and Will Counties) 911
24 Hour Non-Emergency/Dispatch (815) 467-2161
Administration (M-F 8am-4:30pm) (815) 467-2298
Grundy County Crime Stoppers (815) 942-9667
Will County Crime Stoppers (800) 323-6734
Justin Meyer, Chief of Police justin.meyer@minooka.com
Gary Fiedler, Sergeant gary.fiedler@minooka.com
Sean Beeler, Sergeant sean.beeler@minooka.com
Matt Chinski, Sergeant matt.chinski@minooka.com
Chris Chiaventone, Sergeant chris.chiaventone@minooka.com
Ryan Macdonald, Investigations ryan.macdonald@minooka.com
Kiedra Meece, Patrolman kiedra.meece@minooka.com
Erik Larson, Patrolman erik.larson@minooka.com
Brett Herzog, Patrolman brett.herzog@minooka.com
Denise Kentgen, Patrolman denise.kentgen@minooka.com
Matthew Juras, Patrolman matthew.juras@minooka.com
Chris Presler, Patrolman chris.presler@minooka.com
James Sinovich, Sergeant/Investigations james.sinovich@minooka.com
Rob Stukel, Investigations rob.stukel@minooka.com
Renee Parrish, Patrolman renee.parrish@minooka.com
Staci Kapinus, Patrolman staci.kapinus@minooka.com
Robert Latz, Patrolman robert.latz@minooka.com
Michael Osborne, Patrolman michael.osborne@minooka.com
Beth Black, Records Manager/Administrative Assistant beth.black@minooka.com
Abby Castellanos, Records Clerk abby.castellanos@minooka.com