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Programs & Services

The Minooka Police Department offers many other crime prevention programs.  Some of which are aimed at specific groups of people or types of businesses.  The Police Department is also available for block parties and to give talks to your civic club.  The following are some of the examples of presentations that can be presented by the Minooka Police Department;

  • Identity Theft
  • Elder Abuse
  • Senior Safety
  • Financial Crimes
  • Robbery Prevention

Additional Programs

Peer Jury Program

The Minooka Peer Jury is a restorative justice program operating under the auspices of the Minooka Police Department.  The program is designed to provide a meaningful and remedial method of dealing with selected juveniles (under age 17) without reference to the court. The program does not determine guilt or innocence.  Peer Jury is about youth accountability, competency development, and community safety and takes into account the referred teen, community and victim.  A case is diverted to the Peer Jury for hearing by a jury of juveniles and adult moderators when (1) the referred teen admits having committed the offense;  (2) the police moderator determines that such diversion is appropriate;  and (3) the referred teen and his/her parent or guardian consent to participate in the Peer Jury program.

Will County TRIAD for Seniors Program

This ongoing program is intended to facilitate effective lines of communication with senior citizens of the community. Monthly meetings provide interested groups a forum for ongoing dialogue regarding the delivery of law enforcement services, community involvement, victimization, and other pertinent topics.

Neighborhood Watch

The Neighborhood Watch program is organized to enable the police and community to work together to make specific geographical areas more crime resistant.  It is a citizen involvement, neighborhood and community based effort, designed to help citizens and the police reduce crime and concerns regarding crime in neighborhoods.  One of the more effective ways to promote citizen interaction with police is the sharing of information.  Neighborhood groups determine specific needs or concerns and then share this information with the police through community meetings, merchant meetings and homeowner associations.


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