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Residential New Construction

In order to get a permit to start construction of a new home you need to provide a complete set of plans, an electronic set of plans, permit application and contractor information.

Click the link below to download our Building Guide

Building Guide for New Homes

  1. The Application
    • The application should include all of the contractors intended to be used for the project and all the information pertaining to the house (square footage, stories, dimensions). A survey should be provided or a sketch on the last page of the application that will clearly show the setbacks and orientation of the home on the lot. The code requires that the front setback is thirty feet (30’-0”), side setback of 10% of the lot width but not less than ten feet (10’-0”), rear setback of thirty feet (30’-0”) and corner setback of twenty feet (20’-0”).
      The homeowner can be the general contractor for the project. The homeowner may be listed as a subcontractor for the trades that are listed on the application. However, only state licensed roofers and plumbers may do roofing and plumbing for the home.

  2. The Plans
    • The plans should include all of the electrical, plumbing, carpentry and mechanical details. The plans should also include details in the construction notes that denote what type and grade of lumber will be used. Each set of plans will be reviewed and this will generate a listing of comments that should be carefully reviewed. Reading through the comment sheets will help to prevent problems during the inspection of the home during construction. We will provide you with a packet of information as well concerning the grading procedures, concrete inspection criteria, stair construction and other information that should be read by the general contractor and distributed to the subcontractor responsible for the work. Depending on the volume of inspections and plans/office work the turn around from submittal to permit issuance may be five to ten days. Note that this amount of time may be increased if the contractors listed in the application are not licensed by the Village of Minooka. Note that no excavation or building of the home may be done on the site until a permit is issued and obtained for the lot.

  3. Inspections
    • There are many inspections that are necessary for each home that is built. Please note that twenty-four hour notice for inspections is necessary. We will not give appointment times for inspections. To order an inspection please have available the permit number, the address, and the lot number. Inspections must be called in by 3:00 p.m. the day before and cancelled by 8:00 a.m. the day of the inspection on the assistants voice mail. Inspections that are not cancelled before 8:00 a.m. will be charged a $40.00 re-inspection fee. The following is a listing of the inspections and some detail about them:
      1. Footing – All forms for the footings shall be straight and level and correspond to the dimensions shown on the submitted plans. There should not be any significant standing water and all debris, rock and clay should be removed from the formed area. Bank pours are not allowed. All footing shall have two #4 rebar placed equally and centered in the middle of the footing.
      2. Foundation – The foundation forms shall be centered on the keyed footing and shall be straight. The wall shall include two #4 rebar placed equally with rounded corner sections one foot down in the wall.
      3. Backfill – The walls shall be damp proofed with additional asphalt emulsion placed on joints. All window wells shall be in and all drain tile extended up from the perimeter drain. The drain tile shall be covered by ¾” stone for six inches on the top and below for bedding.
      4. Top of Foundation Survey – A top of foundation survey completed by an engineering firm shall be submitted prior to framing the home. Tolerance for the top of foundation if plus our inches and minus two inches.
      5. Underground plumbing – Underground plumbing shall be checked in the basement by exposing the plumbing by moving the ¾” stone away from the area. There shall be a safe access provided for the plumbing inspector to get into the basement area.
      6. Water Department and Sewer/ Water Tapping – Prior to backfilling the taps onto the village water and sewer systems, an inspection from the water department is necessary. Water meters shall be installed prior to framing the home and before inspection. If a water meter is not installed prior to a rough plumbing inspection the inspection will fail
      7. Rough Pluming and Framing – This inspection shall be completed once all of the trade work such as VAC, plumbing, and electrical are completed in the home. The walls shall be open in order to complete the inspection.
      8. Insulation/Firestopping – All insulation shall be in place and all penetrations and bored holes filled with firestopping caulk or mineral wool. The firestopping caulk shall be non-combustible (ASTM E814 compliance) and shall be applied such that no gaps are seen. All framing around doors and windows may be packed with unfaced fiberglass, mineral wool or caulk with foam insulation. If insulation is blown into the attic space then a certificate shall be provided to the Village of Minooka verifying the thermal transmittance value (R-value).
      9. Flatwork – All flatwork shall be inspected. This shall include city and private walks, aprons, driveways, garages, basements and patios.
      10. Final Inspections – Both a final building and plumbing inspection shall be completed prior to the occupancy of the home. At that time an outside reader for the water department needs to be installed. Due to inclement weather some work will need to be bonded with this village until it can be completed. The following is a listing of the amounts that will be required prior to obtaining the occupancy permit:
        • 1000.00 – Grading
        • Concrete work square footage x 3
        • General construction completion – determined by the building inspector.

NOTE:  Before Construction, Call J.U.L.I.E. (800) 892-0123