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Starting or Expanding a Business

For inquiries related to available sites, planning and zoning questions, and general economic development, please contact Jeff Lind at or (815) 467-2151 ext. 2203. In order to register your business, please see below.

Business Registration

New Businesses are required to register with the village clerk upon or prior to the opening of a business. The new business registration fee is as follows;

If in the first quarter of the FY term, the full fee shall be paid; for those made in the second quarter of the FY term, three-fourths (3/4) of the fee shall be paid; for those made in the third quarter of the FY term, one-half (1/2) of the fee shall be paid; and for those made in the last quarter of the term, one-fourth (1/4) of the fee shall be paid. The fee shall be paid to the village within thirty (30) days from May 1, or thirty (30) days prior to conducting business. The fees are nonrefundable. Upon registration, the certificate of registration shall be valid until April 30.

Business Registrations expire on April 30th annually. Renewal fee and completed registration form are required to be renewed prior to April 30th on an annual basis. The annual renewal registration fee is twenty-four dollars ($24.00). An annual reminder letter shall be sent by the village clerk prior to the April 30 expiration date regarding the requirement to renew the registration form and of the fee. However, it is the obligation of each business to renew its registration and failure to receive an expiration notification is not a defense for operating without a certificate of registration.

Download the form by clicking here Business Registration Form

The Village Business Registration Ordinance is located in Title 3, Chapter 15 of the Village Code. (Code pending updates)